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AP9 Simple Escapes, IK9 Simple Escapes Cautions Travelers About Hidden Hotel Fees

AP9 Simple Escapes, IK9 Simple Escapes, a travel and entertainment membership discount program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC, warns weary travelers about unexpected charges that may “quietly” be added their hotel bills. More and more people are reporting that hotels are charging surcharges for anything from “resort fees” to maid service fees — services that were typically free of charge in years past. In addition, the traditional services, which travelers are used to paying for, such as telephone, mini-bar usage, and room service, have increased dramatically in some locations.

Travelers definitely have an advantage when it comes to getting the lowest possible published rates on hotel rooms with the many Internet travel sites that have emerged is the past few years. But sometimes consumers are unaware — until they get their hotel bill, of course — that they were billed for additional fees that were not clearly stated when initially booking the room. Is this how hotels are making their “real” money? While AP9 SimpleEscapes, IK9 Simple Escapes can’t answer that question for you, we can offer you tips on how to ensure your hotel bill doesn’t arrive with suprises.

AP9 Simple Escapes, IK9 Simple Escapes warns about unexpected hotel surcharges

-- Internet access: Even though some hotels publicize free Internet access they may still tack on a charge for the length of time you stay on the connection. It is always a good idea to ask if the hotel has an Internet room with free access for all or if the connection is made from the room and charged by the minute. If Internet access is charged to your room by the minute, you may see if you can negotiate a flat rate instead.

-- TV and Telephone fees: Some hotels charge upwards of $3 a day for use of cable television and telephones. And some hotels charge an upfront telephone fee with a smaller charge for each minute after that. Be sure to ask whether you’ll be charged for every local call, including connection to a toll-free number.

-- Early arrival fee: Hotels have a regular check-in time, and some hotels are very strict about adhering to those times, even if there is an available room, unless, of course, you pay an “early check-in” fee. Make sure to ask what the hotel’s normal check-in and check-out times are before you leave on your trip. If you happen to arrive early or are taking a late flight, ask if the hotel will charge an extra fee for holding your bags before check-in or check-out while you do a little site-seeing or grab something to eat — lugging bags around can be a hassle.

-- Resort fees: Hotels may tack on additional surcharges for hotel facilities like a pool, golf course and fitness center. If you arranged a travel package deal that specifically states amenities such as these, you shouldn’t have to pay extra. Some hotels will charge for amenities even if you don’t use them. It’s a good idea to ask about facility usage and charges when booking your hotel stay.

-- Baggage service and housekeeping: Beware, you might find yourself paying for the bellhop to take your bags to and from your hotel room or “turn-down” service. These charges are sometimes listed under already-included tips on your bill. There might also be a charge for room-service delivery as well as an upwards of 15% gratuity tacked on the meal’s check.

-- Other surprises: Other hidden fees you might want to ask about include pool or beach towels, daily parking (even if you are not using a rental car), mini-bar restocking, holding or receiving packages at the reception desk, and packets of coffee or tea bags (the coffeemaker might be complimentary).

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This article is brought to you by AP9 Simple Escapes, IK9 Simple Escapes.

AP9 Simple Escapes, IK9 Simple Escapes

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